Upnetic does not provide legal advice or other advice that can only be provided by licensed professionals, in which case you should contact a qualified attorney. Upnetic partners with Legal Club. Legal Club is not a law firm, insurance coverage or a provider of legal services. Legal Club has a network of participating attorneys and will place members of Upnetic in contact with an attorney. Participating attorneys are not employees of Legal Club or Upnetic.


Participating attorneys are bound by their state’s professional code of ethics. They will advise you if they have a conflict of interest in taking your case. Attorneys have the inherent right to decline a case for any reason. However, plan attorneys have agreed not to reject any eligible plan member seeking services by reason of the amount of fees to which he or she may be entitled to charge under the Upnetic Legal plan. If a plan attorney is unable to assist you, please contact Upnetic Member Services Department for further assistance.


Providers are subject to change without notice except if you are currently working with Provider.


Attorney fees are paid directly to plan attorney. Participating attorneys are not employees of Legal Club and have no financial obligation to the company. Legal Club and any of their agents, officers, or subsidiaries are not liable to indemnify or reimburse any plan member or participating attorney for any attorney fees or costs generated by the plan member.


Legal Club and any of their agents, officers, or subsidiaries, as well as State Bar Associations and other regulatory agencies, do not guarantee the quality or quantity of legal services that are provided by plan attorneys. However, all participating attorneys are required to provide certificates of liability insurance if required by their state associations, and background checks are performed periodically to verify that they are in good standing and there exists no record of any public disciplinary action against them.


Plan attorneys have the sole responsibility for providing any and all legal services to the plan member.


Court filing fees, expert witness fees, court costs, court reporter fees, transcript expenses, photocopying costs, postage, telephone toll charges and any other incidental expenses incurred by the plan member are excluded from discounted rates under any of the three pricing formulas described in this guidebook. Travel expenses are not eligible at discounted rates when the attorney must travel to represent a plan member’s interests.

Updated on April 25, 2022

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