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After investing so much time and effort building your website, how do you measure your website’s progress? The best way is to add Google Analytics to your website. This free tool will make it easy for you to track, monitor, and analyze the traffic on your website. To learn more about Google Analytics, click here. Once you are ready to add it to your website, follow the steps below:

Go to analytics.google.com and log in with your Google Once you are logged in, go to ADMIN on the lower-left corner. Under the Property column, click on “Create Property.”

Click on the “Web” option and click Continue. Fill out your business’s and your website’s information and click on “Create.” Once you create the property, a tracking code will be created. You must copy that code as the first item into the <HEAD> of every webpage you want to track.

After you copied the code, go back to your Website Builder Dashboard. Go under “APPEARANCE” and click on “Customize Theme.” Click on the CODE option under the Customizing menu. Then click on the “Header Code” and paste the code that you copied from your Google Analytics page. Make sure to hit “PUBLISH” when you are done to make sure it was set up properly:

Updated on October 6, 2020

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