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Customize Your Digital Media Dashboard

To access your Digital Media Dashboard, log in on upnetic.com, and go to the “Sales & Marketing” tab. If you have not yet set up your dashboard, you will receive a pop-up welcome message stating, “Let’s have some fun!” Click on the “Add Widgets” button to get started. Here you can select from a series of widgets to start tracking website analytics, social media stats, likes and shares, and various other key performance indicators.

Customizing the Dashboard

The Upnetic Digital Media Dashboard allows you to customize the background appearance of your dashboard as well as the widgets that are displayed. To customize the appearance of the background, select the wheel icon in the upper right hand corner of the dashboard and select the background you would like to use. To move widgets around, click on the widget and drag it to a new location.


Updated on November 5, 2018

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