Tool Setup

Step 1: Account

You will first need to log into a Google account. If you do not have a Google account, follow the prompts on the screen:

  1. Click Continue with Google 
  2. In Google, click Create account
  3. Select To manage my business
  4. Fill out the form. To use your existing email address, click Use my current email address instead under the username field. This way you are not setting up a separate Gmail, just linking your Google account to an existing email.

Step 2: Business Info

This is where you will provide your business info including business name, website URL, phone, & address. Your industry will automatically populate based on the previous selector. Your phone and address will automatically display on your ad unless you uncheck the option below. If you do not want your business address visible (perhaps you do not have a brick and mortar or work out of your home), you will still need to include it, but you can choose to not display it to customers.

Step 3: Customers

Tell us where the customers you want to target are located. You can choose a city, state, or the entire country. If you would like to target multiple cities, zip codes, or states, you can add them in the info box for your Account Manager.

Step 4: Budget 

You will need to select a monthly budget. All the optimization and maintenance activities are completely free; however, you will need to pay for the actual clicks that are produced by your ad through Google searches. You will select a specific monthly budget that will be monitored by your account manager, ensuring your ads are visible each day over the entire month. The prescribed budget options we have should provide adequate paid performance for advertisers in any industry. Even so, there are always opportunities to increase budget to ensure optimal reach and frequency among your target audience/market. Your account managers will be able to make these recommendations based on your performance data over time.

Please note: Each product/service has its own monthly spend as we will run a completely separate campaign for each. The more products/services you select, the higher your spend will be. You can just select one to start, and make adjustments later. If you do not see your particular product or service listed, you will be able to request a custom ad on the next step within the info box.

Step 5: Review & Submit

On this final step, you will be able to review your budget and indicate when you would like for your ads to go live. If you select “ASAP”, it will take 1-2 business days for your ads to be reviewed and customized before they go live. Once live, you will receive an email to your Google account with next steps.

You will also be able to submit up to 5 keywords that you would like to use in your ads for each campaign, up to 30 characters each. Keywords cannot include punctuation, capital letters, or your business’s name. Include terms or phrases that your customers might use to describe your products or services. Your keyword submissions will automatically be included in your targeting and ad copy, along with variations that may garner additional relevant traffic and other keywords as deemed appropriate by your account manager.

You can add additional notes for account managers to take into consideration when tailoring your campaigns and ads before launch under the info box including custom campaigns that weren’t listed as available products or services on the previous step.

Please Note: Your ads will go live automatically once they are approved by Google, without any additional action by you. If you would like to delay the launch of your campaign, please either choose a specific launch date above or contact our support team to launch your campaign at the appropriate time. If you request to approve your ad copy and keywords prior to launch, your ads will automatically go live 48 hours after that information has been shared with you - unless requested otherwise.

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