You can track your leads separately within the “Leads” section of the CRM. Leads have the same view and functionality as Contacts, but do not show in the Contacts section. You can easily convert Leads to Prospects or Customers by checking the box next to the lead and clicking on the “Action” tab. Please follow the steps below to add a lead to the CRM:

  1. Under the “Leads” tab, click on the “Add New” button. The contact type will automatically default to a lead.
  2. Fill out the fields you wish to capture. If you would like to place a lead in a specific group, click on the checkbox under the group section that you would like to add the lead to. If you would like to add a group, click on “Add Group”.
  3. Add additional information under the “Classification Form” and “Additional Detail” tabs, this is optional. Click “Save” in the upper right. Once saved, new tabs will appear on the left enabling you to add follow-ups, tasks, notes, and attachments to that particular contact.
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