To view your CRM contacts, click on the “Contacts” tab. Here you will see a grid displaying all of your contacts. You can sort each column by clicking on the heading. If you click on the back arrow to the left of the “Add New” button, a new screen will appear displaying additional contact details. This gives you the ability to view contact details without having to click the edit button.

Adding a New Contact

  1. Click on the “Add New” button to add a contact to the CRM.
  2. Select “Contact Type” from the drop-down menu. These cannot be edited; if you do not see the exact type you need, select “Other.” You can further categorize under the “Groups” section.
  3. Fill out the fields you wish to capture. If you would like to place a contact in a specific group, click on the checkbox under the group section that you would like to add the contact to. You can add a new group by selecting “Add Group.” You can edit, add, and delete groups under the “Administration” tab under List Maintenance, Contacts, Groups. Grouping contacts will give you the ability to easily search for them as well as granting other users access to view them.
  4. Add additional information under the “Classification Form” and “Additional Detail” tabs; this is optional. Click “Save” in the upper right. Once saved, new tabs will appear on the left enabling you to add follow-ups, tasks, notes, and attachments to that particular contact.

  1. Click on the “Search” button at the top to search for a particular contact. Here you can search by Company Name, First Name, Last Name, City, State, Zip, Date Added, Group, Email, Priority Rating, Source, Phone, Contact Ref ID, Tag, Contact Type, Birthday, Anniversary, or User.
  2. Once you’ve made your selection, click on the blue magnifying glass button to search.
  3. You can export your search results by checking the box to the left of the contact and clicking on the “Save to CSV” button. This will export the data into an Excel CSV file. You can check multiple boxes at once or have the system check all boxes by clicking on the “Select All Records” button.

Mass Edit

You can perform an action for one or multiple contacts by clicking on the “Action” button. Check the box next to the contact, or click on the “Select All Records” button to check all boxes. Select one of the items to perform the action.

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