Google Sync

The Upnetic CRM has a Google sync feature, giving you the ability to synchronize your calendars.

Syncing your CRM with Google

Each user can sync their own CRM contacts and calendar to their individual Google accounts. Follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Click on “Synced External Accounts,” and “Google.” You will be prompted to log into your Google Account, as well as grant the CRM permission to access your information. 
  2. Select “Allow” to synchronize. This will create an Upnetic CRM Calendar in your Google Account. It will also create a group, “CRMContacts,” in your Google Contacts.
  3. Select the existing CRM items you wish to sync to your Google Account.

NoteAny new data you enter into the CRM after this setup will be automatically moved into your Google account; however, it will NOT move over your existing data. To move over your existing CRM data, you must select the checkbox next to the CRM items you wish to sync to Google.

Syncing your Google Calendar with the CRM

Each user can sync their Google calendar with the CRM calendar. There is not an option to import Google contacts into the CRM at this time.

After you’ve followed the instructions above to link your CRM with your Google account (clicked on the “Synced External Accounts” and “Google” options, granting permission to sync accounts), any future events added to your Google calendar will automatically appear in your CRM Calendar.

If you wish to wish to import previously added past events into the CRM from your Google calendar, follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to your Google Calendar and click on the three little dots next to the calendar you wish to sync with the CRM. Select “Settings and Sharing”, then select “Export Calendar.”
  2. Download and save it to your desktop. Keep in mind it will download as a zip file. Double click into the folder and copy and paste the .ics file onto your desktop.
  3. Select “Import & Export” in the upper left and click on the first option, “Select file from your computer.”
  4. Go to your desktop and find the .ics file. Select the “Upnetic CRM Calendar” from the drop down menu, then click on “Import.”
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