The “Administration” tab gives you the ability to customize all fields within the Customer Relationship Manager interface, as well as manage Group Security and SMTP Settings. Click on the “Administration” tab to see the following drop down items:

List Maintenance

Add, remove, and edit fields for Contacts, Campaigns, Events, Proposals, Transactions, Issues, Tasks, Status, and Priority Ratings.

Group Security

Administrators can grant specific users access to particular groups within the CRM. Any contact assigned to a group will display in the assigned user’s account. You can add new groups here as well as in the “List Maintenance” section.

User Defined Fields

User defined fields are custom fields you create to track information specific to certain subject areas. Create an unlimited amount of custom fields for information that is not already captured by the system, e.g., county or customer number. These fields will appear in the contact details under the “Additional Detail” tab.

SMTP Settings

SMTP enables task & event email reminders to be sent out from the system to your contacts. This will default to Upnetic’s email serviers, but keep in mind the email reminders will be sent from an Upnetic email address. If you would like for the reminders to be sent from your email, complete the form with your email information.

If you have Gmail or Yahoo, select it from the drop-down menu. Otherwise select “Other”. The “Username” and “From Address” are the same: your full email address. Enter in the password for your email account. You should be able to locate your SMTP server info online or through your IT department. Feel free to contact Support for assistance.

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