Adding RSS & Other Widgets

Adding an RSS Feed

The Upnetic Digital Media Dashboard gives you the ability to embed your favorite RSS Feeds.

To get started, click on the red “Add Widget” button, select “RSS,” then “RSS Feed.” Next, you will be shown the RSS Feed Widget Settings Menu. Here, you will name the RSS feed (which will be displayed on your member dashboard), enter the URL of the RSS feed (for example:, and set the number of stories that will be shown. Once you have made these entries, select “Save Changes” to add this widget to your dashboard.

My Clock

To display your local time directly from the Upnetic Digital Media Dashboard, click on the red “Add Widget” button and select “My Clock.” Enter in your city name, select the corresponding time zone from the drop-down menu, and select “Save Changes.”

My Weather

To display your local weather directly from the Upnetic Digital Media Dashboard, click on the red “Add Widget” button and select “My Weather.” Enter your zip code and select “Save Changes.”

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