Adding Facebook Widgets

Adding Facebook widgets to your Upnetic Digital Media Dashboard will allow you to view key performance indicators about your business account on this social media platform. To add these widgets to your dashboard, follow the steps shown below:

From the Widget Categories selection screen, click Facebook. Select the type of Facebook widget you would like to add. Descriptions of each Facebook widget are provided below:

Facebook Likes

This will enable you to view how many “Likes” your Facebook business page receives. If this is the first time you are accessing information for your Facebook account through the dashboard, you will be asked to add your Facebook account. To do this, click “Add Facebook Account” and enter your login credentials for the account.

After entering your credentials, you will be asked to allow the Upnetic Dashboard Widget to access several areas of your Facebook account. To use this widget, select “Okay.” After granting permission for the Upnetic Digital Media Dashboard to access your Facebook account, you will be returned to your member dashboard on

After the initial set up, you will see a grey box. To display likes for your business page, double-click the “Facebook Likes” box and select your business account from the drop-down menu, then click “Save Changes.” From this menu, you can also delete the widget or change the associated Facebook account.

The Facebook Likes widget will then be added to your member dashboard. You can change the date range shown using the calendar date range function found on this widget.

Post to Facebook

The Upnetic Digital Media Dashboard will enable you to post directly to your synced Facebook business page from your member dashboard. To allow for this functionality, follow the steps shown below:

Select “Facebook Post” from the Facebook Widget Selection panel. Now that you’ve linked your Facebook page to your dashboard, all you have to do is select the Facebook page from the drop-down menu. The Facebook Posts widget will then be added to your member dashboard.

To post to Facebook from the dashboard, simply enter your post in the text box provided and then click “Post.”

Last 5 Facebook Posts

The Upnetic Digital Media Dashboard allows you to view information on your last 5 Facebook posts. Follow the steps below to add this information to your member dashboard.

Select “Facebook Last 5 Posts” from the Facebook Widget Selection panel. Using the drop-down menu, select the business page you would like to sync. When you have made your selection, select “Save Changes.”

Once added, this widget will display Facebook’s insights for your 5 most recent posts. From this tool, you can view the post date, post type, post reach, number of likes, and number of clicks.

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