Site Dashboard

The Upnetic Site Dashboard is your website control panel. On the main page you will see the following options:

Help Guides:  Easily access links to site-building help guides.

Adding your domain: If you own your domain name, you can point it to your Upnetic website in this section. You will need to upgrade your plan to have access to this feature. Select on the blue “CHANGE PLAN” button to upgrade for $10/year.

Once upgraded, contact your domain provider and have them point an “A Record” to the following IP Address: You can also create a “CNAME Record” on your domain, pointing to our domain Once that is complete, go back to the builder dashboard under “Account” and enter the domain and click on “Set Custom Domain”.

Page Builder Tutorial Video: Watch this video to learn how to build your website.

On the left side you will see the following options:

Pages: Select “All Pages” to view and edit your existing page names. Add new pages by selecting “Add New.”

Blog Posts: If you want to add your own blog posts to your website, you can manage them here.

Media: Easily add any photos and documents you wish to display on your website.

Menus: Manage your menu structure here. You can drag your pages up and down to re-arrange the order, as well as creating sub-pages.

Appearance: Customize your theme styles, learn more here.

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