Submitting a Referral Request Online

Your Upnetic membership gives you access to Upnetic’s Legal services and benefits, as well as 25,000+ attorneys within the Upnetic Legal network. Should you require legal assistance, your case will be assigned to an Upnetic Legal attorney based on location, areas of law, language preferences, and additional case nuances.

To receive a referral to an Upnetic Legal attorney, submit a request on the Upnetic Legal online platform. If you are unable to access your Upnetic account or the Upnetic Legal online platform, you can also give us a call at 888-303-6789 and we will be more than happy to submit a request on your behalf!

How to Submit an Online Referral Request

To access the Upnetic Legal online platform, log in to your membership and go to “Legal,” then “Legal Services.” In the “Understanding your Upnetic Legal Benefits” column on the right, you can review all of the Upnetic Legal benefits available through your ADP HR Pro Subscription. For further information and clarity regarding the terms, conditions, and benefits of Upnetic’s Legal plan, click the white “Member Guidebook” button at the bottom of the “Understanding your Upnetic Legal Benefits” column to download and review the Upnetic Legal Member Guidebook.

Step 1: Scheduling Your Call

To submit a referral request, first indicate when you would like to speak with an Upnetic referral specialist.

  • If you are ready to speak with someone immediately, select the “Now” option. Our referral specialists will contact you within 5 minutes upon completion of your request. Please keep in mind that you will only be able to select the “Now” option during Upnetic’s working hours (Monday through Friday, 9am to 7pm ET).
  • If you would prefer to schedule a call in the future, select the “Later” option. You will be prompted to select the date and time when you would prefer to speak with a referral specialist. Please keep in mind that you will be unable to schedule a call outside of Upnetic’s working hours (Monday through Friday, 9am to 7pm ET).

Step 2: Review Contact Information

After determining when you would like to schedule your call, you will be prompted to confirm your contact information so that a referral specialist can reach you. Specifically, you will need to confirm your Name, Business Name, Email Address, and Phone Number. Note that the contact information available within your Upnetic account will prepopulate within each section of this step. If anything is missing or incorrect, please provide updated information before proceeding.

If you would prefer to speak to a Spanish-speaking referral specialist, please select the “Ayuda en Español” box on the left.

Once you have confirmed the contact information listed on screen, press the green “Continue” button.

Step 3: Wait for Your Call

You have successfully scheduled a call with our Upnetic Legal referral specialists! Our referral specialists will call you either a) within 5 minutes if you selected the “Now” option in Step 1, or b) at your designated time if you selected the “Later” option in Step 1.

If you selected the “Later” option during Step 1, you will also have the ability to add your scheduled call to your calendar! Simply select the Google, Office 365, or Outlook buttons displayed on screen to download your appointment to your respective calendars. You can also select the “Other” option displayed on the screen to download your call appointment as an ICS file.

During your call with our Upnetic Legal referral specialists, we will request specific case details and information from you to ensure that we assign you to a qualified attorney in your local area. We will also remind you of the Upnetic Legal plan benefits that may be applicable to your particular legal matter. After doing so, our referral specialists will provide you with an Upnetic Legal attorney’s contact information during the call, as well as via email. You can then contact your assigned Upnetic Legal attorney at your convenience to resolve your legal matter in a timely manner. You will also have access to previously referred attorney information at the bottom of the Upnetic Legal Services page.

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