Business Profile

Expand your capabilities by adding and managing multiple business profiles beyond your default profile established during the onboarding process. This feature allows you to tailor your experience to the specific needs of each of your businesses. Here’s how it works: 

Adding New Profiles: You are not limited to just your initial business profile. Add additional profiles for each of your businesses to keep your records organized and distinct. This ensures that all your business activities are accurately captured and stored under the relevant profile. 

Switching Between Profiles: Seamlessly switch between your various business profiles depending on the context of the meeting or the documentation you are working on. This flexibility ensures that the information captured is always associated with the correct business entity. 

Automatic Template Population: Once you select a business profile, the resolution templates and any other relevant documentation will automatically adjust to match the specific requirements and settings of that business. This means less manual adjustment for you, leading to a smoother, more efficient process. 

This enhancement not only streamlines your workflow but also ensures that your business documentation is perfectly organized and easily accessible for each of your business entities. 


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