Easily manage the contact information of your officers, advisors, board members, and meeting attendees within our platform. Here’s how you can keep your contacts organized: 

Editing Contact Information: Find the contact you wish to update and click on the “Edit” option adjacent to their record. This allows you to modify any details as needed. 

Deleting Contacts: To remove a contact from your list, simply click on the three dots (⋮) next to the edit button and select the option to delete. 

Adding New Contacts: You have two convenient options to add contacts: 

  • Manually: Click on “Create Contact” to enter the details of a new contact individually. 
  • Via Import: Choose “Import Contacts” to add multiple contacts at once through a CSV file or by connecting to your Google account. 

Importing Contacts 

Streamline your workflow by importing contacts in bulk. Follow these steps for a hassle-free import: 

  1. Prepare Your Contacts: Utilize our CSV template by selecting “Import Contacts” and then “Download CSV Template.” This ensures your data aligns with our required format. 
  2. Fill in Essential Details: In the CSV template, make sure to include at least the firstName, lastName, and email columns for each contact. Missing information in these fields will result in those rows being excluded from the import. 
  3. Upload Your File: Once your CSV file is ready, upload it through the “Import Contacts” option. Alternatively, you can import contacts directly by connecting to your Google account. 


Contact Groups 

You can easily add a contact group in addition the defaults by selecting the three dots (⋮) next to Shareholder. 

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