What to Expect

Email notification once ads are live

Once your ads are live, you will receive an email notification to your Google account with some basic information about the ads and service expectations.

On-demand access to reporting dashboard

You have unlimited access to a reporting dashboard once you have set up your ads.  Through the dashboard, you can review the impressions, clicks, conversions, and more over specific time periods to understand how your ads are performing.

Support via email ticket outreach

If you need more information or want to make changes to your ads, you can submit your request through adsupport@upnetic.com. Please make sure to include:

  1. Your name,
  2. Company name
  3. Your inquiry

Make sure to be detailed in your inquiry, for example, “I want to understand how to read my analytics,” or “I would like to include in my keywords …” All requests should be emailed in, and you will receive a response within a business day.

Consultations with AM’s quarterly

Every quarter, you will be able to schedule an appointment with your account manager for either a phone or Zoom consultation. You will be able to discuss the health of your ads and potential improvements or changes you may want to make. All other communications or changes should be requested through adsupport@upnetic.com.

Not guaranteed/included

Sales, comprehensive ROI measurement, agency-level responsiveness, SEO management/analysis. 

While positive paid advertising performance has a strong correlation with brand awareness and future purchase decisions, sales are not guaranteed by our search marketing management. The traffic and conversions our ads ultimately drive are merely leads for your business to hopefully convert into future clients/customers.

Likewise, without access to your CRM or sales data, we will not be able to provide comprehensive ROI measurement.

Although our Google-certified account managers have varying degrees of agency experience and will apply most, if not all, of the same expert techniques as a traditional agency would, Google Ads by Upnetic does not guarantee agency-level responsiveness. We will respond to support tickets within 1-2 business days; calls and chats are taken during normal business hours.

Google Ads by Upnetic is strictly a search engine management (SEM) service. SEO management and website analysis & optimization are not included.

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