My Minutes

Begin by selecting the “Corporate Minutes” block within the “My Minutes” section. Here, you'll either choose an existing meeting or create a new one. This integration seamlessly aligns your minutes with the pertinent details of your selected meeting, ensuring accuracy and coherence. 

Add Attendees 

Next, you will need to track attendance. Please mark the status for each invited member. If someone was missed, you can add or remove members here. For efficiency, use the "Mark All Present" feature to quickly confirm everyone's attendance. 

Meeting Information 

Enter your meeting details into the designated fields. Unsure about a field? Simply hover over the tooltips for guidance. When ready, click on the blue "Save & Continue" button at the bottom right to proceed to the next screen. 

Select Resolution(s) 

With "Manage My Minutes," you have access to an extensive library of 194 resolution templates, including 157 for Corporations and 162 for LLCs. Resolutions will populate based on your selected business profile, and you can easily search by resolution type through the drop-down menu, or by typing in the search bar. Once you’ve selected all of the applicable resolutions types, click on “Save & Continue.”

Resolution Details 

You will be required to input the remaining details for each resolution selected. You can toggle between at the top, and even remove resolution(s) if needed by selecting the red “x." The next step allows you to make direct edits within the document, ensuring your minutes draft is precise and personalized. 

Preview & Finish 

Once your draft is complete, it's time for approval and distribution to attendees. Initiate the approval process with a single click on “Start Approval” from the pop-up, or choose to do so later via the “Drafts” section in the main “My Minutes” screen. 

Approve Draft 

This last step will enable you to preview and edit your minutes with ease, before finalizing the document. Please note: once the document is approved and finalized, no other changes will be allowed. After you click on “Approve," you will have the option to seamlessly send a copy to all of your attendees, and can include additional emails as well. If you don’t wish to share, select “Cancel."  

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