Setup Wizard

Welcome to Manage My Minutes! Getting started is a breeze with our Setup Wizard. Follow these three easy steps to set up your account and schedule your first meeting. 

Step 1: Your Business Profile 

Upon logging in, you'll enter the Setup Wizard. Your business information will auto-fill into the forms, streamlining the documentation process. Feel free to set up multiple business profiles once you complete the wizard. Hover over each tool tip to learn more about each field. When ready, click on the blue "Continue" button at the bottom right to proceed to the next screen. 

Step 2: Add Your Contacts 

Enter the contact information for your officers, advisors, board members, and meeting attendees at this stage. This data is essential for scheduling meetings in the subsequent step. You can exit the setup wizard and add contacts manually or through an import process under the "Contacts" tab at any time. 

Step 3: Schedule a Meeting 

Now that your profile and contacts are loaded, schedule your first meeting by selecting the "Create a Meeting" button. If you’ve already conducted your meeting and just need to document your minutes, you will still need to create a meeting with the option to select a past meeting date. If your meeting is at a future date, you can include the meeting details, which will automatically be sent to your attendees. This includes conference line number, web conference links, or the location address.  

Helpful Tips: 

  • Tool Tips: Hover over each tooltip for more information about the fields and features. 
  • Meeting Details: Ensure your attendees receive all necessary information for upcoming meetings. 
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