Custom keywords & ad copy

If you are unable to find the industry or products/services within the ad creation tool, you can still advertise with Google Ads by Upnetic. We’ll just need to custom create your ads for you. If you’re in the tool, you can provide us with the custom keywords and ad copy via the “Additional info” box on the “Review & Submit” tab. Alternatively, you can email us ( your custom ad requests and we can create it for you. We can customize and create ads for any type of business industry if it meets Google’s advertising guidelines.

Please note: If you would like to see a preview of your custom ads, you can download all keywords and copy within your reporting dashboard. If you would like to preview before your ads go live, please indicate that when submitting your customizations. Otherwise, your ads will automatically go live on the date you specified within the tool.

Factors of keyword performance

There are several factors that can impact which keywords drive more traffic. First, while all keywords provided will start out prioritized equally in your campaign, placement and hierarchy will depend on the costs of the various keywords. If some keywords are more important to you, let your account manager know, and we can prioritize those terms. However, some terms will always be easier and more cost-effective than others for converting users.  

A second factor impacting keyword performance is the activity of competitors, including indirect competitors. While we will try to block the terms that are directly connected to these competitors, they are likely bidding to place ads on some of the same more general keywords. Since many users, including those looking for your indirect competitors, don’t take the time to read ads in full, and since your ads are typically served in the top positions, users often will click on the first item they see without reading it all the way through. This is a common byproduct of search marketing ads, and your account managers will be on the lookout for instances where this is occurring and take action to limit the nonproductive clicks. 

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