Reporting & Metrics

The Upnetic Reporting Dashboard will display your up-to-date campaign performance in a straightforward format. You can easily view impressions, clicks, calls, conversions, and cost per click for the last 7 or 30 days. Easily download your keywords and ad copy to view any customizations. You can also filter the results by each ad group (product or service) in order to get a more specific look at each campaign’s performance.


Impressions are how many times your ad has been triggered by a relevant search. On your reporting dashboard you can toggle between different time periods to see how many times your ad has been shown. Remember, you are not charged for impressions, only clicks. 


Clicks are the number of times a person visits your website after clicking through a Google search ad. The more clicks you are driving on average at relatively cheap rates over time, the better.


Conversions are the outcomes that you want from your ads. For example, a customer clicks on your ad and finds the product they are looking for, so they select it and check out. This is considered a conversion because the goal of your ad was to increase online sales.  Alternatively, you may have a restaurant and want more reservations, so a conversion would be an increase in customer calls using the phone number you have listed on your website and ad to make reservations at your establishment. The only conversions our service currently tracks are phone call conversions (calls made directly from your ads) and direction request conversions (requests for directions to your business made from your linked Google My Business listing). Your Google ads are primarily intended to expand your digital footprint and visibility to increase customer traffic so you can create higher conversion rates.  

Cost Per Click

Cost-per-click (CPC) is how much each click is costing you based on the keywords you have selected that have triggered your ads. Your account managers review this daily to make sure you are receiving quality clicks that are cost-effective and that result in healthy traffic and conversion volume. The CPC is determined by region and keyword competition – for example, a pizza restaurant may have a higher CPC in New York City because there is more competition in proximity than in a smaller city with fewer pizzerias.  

Total Spend

Total spend is the total amount you pay for your ads.  With Google Ads by Upnetic, the total spend will only be the budget you select during the account setup that will cover the clicks generated by your ads!  


Your return on investment is technically the Avg. Price Point of Product/Service ÷ (Total Ad Spend ÷ (Phone Call Conversions + Direction Request Conversions)).

As long as your ROI is slightly above 1, then your ads are proving profitable – at least based on the conversions Google Ads by Upnetic is capable of tracking.

However, remember that the awareness and traffic your ads are driving may also result in conversions and sales not trackable by this service and, in turn, not included in this ROI calculation above.

Performance Indicators

While those who engage with a Google ad have 50% greater brand awareness and an 80% higher likelihood of making a purchase in the near future, the lead time from ad exposure or engagement to purchase isn’t always immediate. Just as some consumers only need one touch to make a purchase decision, especially for products or services at a lower price point such as food or retail, other consumers will need to receive a message several times to make a purchase decision, especially for products or services at a higher price point such as automobiles, legal services, or healthcare.

Even so, it is better to rely on the data in your dashboard as an indicator of positive performance, rather than whether or not you are able to measure its direct impact on your bottom line.

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